Cosmetic and Therapeutic use of Facial Injections

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Dr Mike Thompson provides injectable dermal fillers and muscle relaxants for both cosmetic and therapeutic therapy.

Cosmetic use of facial injectables

The non-surgical facelift is a facial contouring procedure that involves a combination of strategically placed injections around the face. This “injectable facelift” can create a younger, plumper look and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss and sagging.

Therapeutic use of injectable muscle relaxants

Our practice provides injectable muscle relaxant treatments for patients who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), migraines and overactive facial muscles. The therapeutic treatments can relieve pain, restore function, and help to create the perfect smile.

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Our practice uses the purest form of neurotoxin which contains no accessory proteins. This means that your body is less likely to develop antibodies and become resistant over time.