Psychological Advantages of Teeth Whitening

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Dive into the fascinating science behind the advantages of teeth whitening and discover how a subtle tweak in tooth colour can change perceptions and rewrite your social story.

Teeth Colour Alters Social Perceptions

Your teeth and smile play a key role in social interaction as they reveal personal characteristics such as health, genetics and self-preservation. Studies have shown that human social perceptions and their ratings of attractiveness are influenced by the colour of your teeth.

Whiter Teeth Influence Attraction

People showing high-quality oral characteristics gain a considerable advantage when attracting prospective partners and social interactions. Healthy teeth are ornamental displays of freedom from developmental adversity and disease that increase the chances of a mates’ offspring surviving. Conversely, poor oral hygiene and discoloured teeth are associated with poor nutrition, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disorders and an increased risk of death.

A Bright Smile Represents Youth and Vitality

Tooth colour provides a rich source of information that reveals your genetic quality and state of health. Your dentine quality and the structural thickness of your enamel naturally affects the colour of your teeth. Over time metabolic, genetic and lifestyle factors lead to structural changes such as thinning of the enamel and dentine causing teeth to yellow and darken as we age.

Benefits of a Confident Smile

The opening act of most partnerships is a mutual display of teeth. Not only is smiling the first sign of sexual attraction, those receiving smiles in general get positive signs of affiliation and cooperation right from the start. A meta-study found that attractive people are perceived as happier, extraverted, more sociable, sexually assertive and therefore more popular. Having a healthy smile similarly can therefore impact the success of love, social and business relationships. For this reason, the psychological and social advantages of having a healthy dental appearance are regarded as an important feature in some high-profile professions.

Cosmetic Solutions for a Healthy Smile

Minor to major cosmetic dentistry procedures can also dramatically improve your facial aesthetics and boost your confidence.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

Professional teeth whitening is the simplest way to improve the appearance of your smile. You can choose from either in-practice laser treatments or take-home custom-made bleaching trays. Professional teeth cleaning before teeth whitening is strongly advised, it will  remove any superficial discolouration and ensure even whitening. Thereafter we can check that your teeth are suitable for whitening.

Teeth Restorations

Your smile can be modified or restored by replacing damaged, worn or missing teeth. You can choose from a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that include crowns, bridges, veneers, enamel contouring and more advanced implant dentistry.

Improving Your Smile

Whether you want the confidence to smile or attract a new partner, cosmetic dentistry can provide minor to major procedures that can deliver life-changing results.