Auckland Cosmetic Dentist Reviews

"Great team who produced a fantastic life-changing result. Enjoying being able to smile again at the world."

Expert Cosmetic Dentists Auckland

Cosmetic dentists, Dr Michael Thompson and Dr Amanda Hawkins are passionate about the life-changing benefits smile make-overs have brought to our patients. With years of education and professional experience, they provide quality aesthetic dentistry and teeth restorations. We offer a range of minor to major dental restorations to bring back your confident smile.

Choose from minor to major restorative dental solutions that suit your budget and brighten your smile. The cosmetic dental restorations include teeth whitening, bridges, crowns, enamel contouring and dental implants. We focus on restoring your natural beauty to enhance the look of your smile, be it a natural enhancement or a Hollywood smile.

15 Minute Cosmetic Dentist Consultation

Book a 15-minute consultation with an expert cosmetic dentist today. Our dental practice is located at 377 Mt Albert Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland. We invite you to share the love through your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentist Before and After

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