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Tooth Enamel Contouring
Tooth Enamel Contouring

Tooth Enamel Contouring

Make minor cosmetic alterations to the shape or length of your teeth to improve your smile.

Teeth reshaping – a simple way to improve your smile

Minor adjustments on your front teeth can have significant enhancing effects on your overall smile. Enamel contouring, also known as teeth reshaping, cosmetic contouring, or odontoplasty, is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that can eliminate some minor cosmetic defects in your teeth.

Tooth enamel contouring is a simple procedure

Your teeth can be re-contoured to lengthen, shorten, or correct minor cracks and chips in your teeth by either removing enamel or adding a laminate. The procedure is so simple it can be carried out in one appointment.

Alternative solutions to reshaping your teeth

Additionally, our practice offers dental veneers, dental crowns, porcelain fillings and teeth whitening, these cosmetic restorations that can give your the confidence to smile.

Talk to our friendly dentists about the best solution for you.

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