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Teeth Whitening Solutions
Teeth Whitening Solutions

Professional teeth whitening

Boost your smiling confidence with the best teeth whitening solutions. Learn more about professional whitening kits and laser teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentist Reviews

"I had such a great experience at this clinic. Wonderful caring staff and my teeth have never been so white and clean! After trying three different practices, Thompson dental is by far the best!! Thanks"

Safe Teeth Whitening

The Affordable Way to Brighten your Smile

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and affordable way to enhance your smile and boost your self-esteem. You can choose between laser whitening which is a very quick process or custom-made teeth whitening kits to use at home. Either way, our cosmetic dentists will make sure your smile shines brighter safely and evenly.

Teeth Whitening Gel

The professional teeth whitening gel used in conjunction with the whitening trays can be obtained from our clinic at any time. The custom whitening kits are great, they require one appointment to make and you can use them as you need them whenever you like.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth may boost your self-esteem and make you feel more confident to smile. Research has found that having whiter teeth significantly influences the way others perceive you. Whiter teeth also look healthier and as a result associated with better dental and overall health – this can lead to more positive appraisals from others around you which can boost your self-esteem.

  • Restore stained or discoloured teeth
  • Get back a more youthful smile
  • Feel confident with your smile
  • Look your best for special occasions

Pre Teeth Whitening Assessment

Are your Teeth are Suitable?

A teeth whitening consultation is necessary to determine the best teeth whitening solution for you, making sure that you don’t have any limitations that may compromise your tooth whitening results such as previous teeth restorations of a different colour. Teeth restorations such as fillings and crowns cannot be bleached.

Professional Scale and Polish

Professional teeth cleaning is recommended before bleaching to remove any plaque and superficial stains, this is an important step to achieve an even shade. The cleaning process itself may achieve the whiter shade you are after.

Book a teeth whitening consultation with our cosmetic dentist for optimum results. Our practice is located in Mt Roskill, Auckland.

Before and After Whitening

Whitening discoloured or yellowing teeth can be achieved through in practice whitening methods or through the use of custom-made take-home bleaching trays.

Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Dentist Auckland

In-practice Laser Teeth Whitening

This method of teeth whitening is the quickest way to get results, and possibly the best solution for patients who have had teeth restorations. Your teeth will be 2-3 shades lighter after a 90 minute session in the chair with the dentist. Up to 4 sessions are required to maintain the effects for a longer period.

Preventative Gentle Dentistry Procedures Mt Albert Rd, Mt Roskill Image

Custom-made Teeth Whitening Kits

Your dentist will custom make dental bleaching trays by taking impressions of your mouth. These take-home teeth whitening trays that have been moulded to your teeth will ensure even bleaching results. We will provide you with teeth whitening gel to use in conjunction with the trays. The teeth whitening agent is available in different strengths, this strength will determine the time it will take for you to see results.

Custom Made Mouthguards

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Professional teeth whitening is safe. Professional in-practice teeth bleaching and custom-made whitening trays are the safest ways to whiten your teeth.  A dentist will routinely check that your teeth are suitable for any whitening treatments before application. The whitening agents contain safe concentrations of the bleaching agent and the application ensures even coverage on the teeth. These professional methods will not result in colour variations, nerve damage or gum infections resulting from blistering or burns to the gums.

Teeth whitening should last for several years before the stains reappear. However, the length of time your teeth remain bleached depends on many lifestyle habits. Some of these habits include smoking, coffee, tea and other food and beverages that can stain your teeth. Teeth whitening kits are convenient to use for regular touch-ups. Talk to your dentist about how often you can apply the teeth whitening gel.

Non professional products can lead to adverse results that compromise your appearance or oral hygiene. Product such as baking soda can damage the enamel on your teeth and increase the risk of cavities. Check with your dentist before using any non-professional products.

Teeth Whitening Cost

Thompson dental charges standard rates for professional teeth whitening procedures. Our aim is to provide the safest solution to whiten your smile.

Teeth Whitening Finance

Get an interest free-loan through Q-Card to brighten your smile. Our practice is WINZ and ACC approved to help you get the dental treatments necessary to maintain your smile for life. Learn more about dental finance options available for you.

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