Dental Hygienist Teeth Cleaning
Dental Hygienist Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygienist keeping you fresh!

Reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay with regular professional scaling and polishing. You can now book hygienist appointments online.

Expert Hygienist – keeping your smile for life

Why do I need professional teeth cleaning?

Regular teeth cleaning with a registered dental hygienist is as important as regular check-ups and good oral care at home. Studies show the evidence that professional tooth cleaning, scaling and root planing reduces the risk of gum disease and halitosis , also known as bad breath).

How does a hygienist clean compare to daily brushing

Professional scaling and polishing removes plaque and tartar (hardened plaque), cleaning teeth in places where a toothbrush can’t reach. A hygienist is able to remove the tartar which contains bacteria that produce volatile sulphur compounds from below the gumline. This compound causes bad breath. If left untreated the bacteria eventually cause tooth decay and gum disease. Regular visits to the hygienist keeps your breath fresh and limits your chance of future dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease which usually go undetected, resulting in tooth loss later in life.

Stages of Gum Disease

Karen’s expert hygiene services

An effective clean takes a full hour. A study shows that poor oral hygiene causes 90% of halitosis cases and unfortunately it also states that this is too often an underestimated problem in many dental practices. While cleaning Karen meticulously monitors the health of your gums around each tooth and records any adverse progression. She checks for the development of pockets between the tooth and gum which show early signs of gum disease. The development of pockets is more common than most people realise. It is easier to remedy early stages of gum disease through regular cleaning than it is treat advanced periodontitis. This procedure together with dental x-rays are the most effective ways to monitor and protect your dental health to avoid advanced gum disease, bone loss and tooth loss.


Our practice values personalised preventative dentistry over restorations and our focus is to keep your teeth for life. We are located at 377 Mt Albert Rd, Mt Roskill and we welcome all patients to our practice where you will be cared for like family. You can contact us or book online right now.

Benefits of professional cleaning

  • a brighter smile
  • fresh breath
  • prevent gum disease
  • prevent tooth decay along the gum line
  • protect brain and heart health
Professional Teeth Cleaning Scale and Polish

Dental Hygiene FAQs

It is optimal to get your teeth professionally scaled and polished once every six months. If this is not always possible aim to see the hygienist at least once a year.

A professional dental clean takes 60 minutes to thoroughly remove a build up of tartar and plaque.

Prevent tooth loss
Professional teeth cleaning removes sticky dental plaque which contains acid forming bacteria. If not removed, these acids can break down the tooth enamel over time, leading to tooth decay or tooth loss.

Prevent gum disease
Plaque buildup can eventually lead to gum disease. Gingivitis symptoms which are tender or swollen gums that sometimes bleed is the first sign of gum disease. If left untreated it can progress to severe periodontal (gum) disease where the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, allowing the bacteria to destroy the underlying bone that supports the teeth.

Keep your breath fresh
Tartar can create pockets or small openings to form between the teeth and gums collecting food, bacteria, and dental plaque, causing bad breath also known as halitosis. Dental cleaning removes this debris and ongoing oral maintenance can help eliminate these spaces and restore gum health.

A professional scale and polish should not cause pain. A mild level of discomfort may be experienced depending on the degree of tartar build up on your teeth. If you have relatively sensitive teeth you can talk to the hygienist about applying numbing cream or local anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort during the teeth cleaning procedure.

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