Dental Surgery

only when tooth extractions are necessary

Gentle Dental Surgery

Our gentle dentists, Michael, Amanda and Adam aim to help you keep your teeth for life but sometimes expedient surgical tooth extractions make dental surgery necessary. Teeth that are broken below the gum line, impacted (crowded) or affected by advanced decay or gum disease may need to be extracted to protect your jaw and other teeth.

Our practice is located at 377 Mt Albert Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland. We welcome all patients.

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Signs you may need a tooth extraction

  • Jaw pain
  • Loose tooth or teeth
  • Inflamed gums
  • Severe tooth ache
  • Tooth pain (exaggerated
    by biting or chewing)

Act quickly to protect your other teeth

Seeking treatment as soon as possible can prevent unnecessary discomfort and more expensive procedures. Untreated tooth infections will not heal and will likely worsen and spread without proper dental care. Your quick actions can prevent damage to the adjacent teeth and bones, while expanding your options for a tooth replacement.