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Emergency Dentist Auckland
Emergency Dentist Auckland

Emergency Dentist Auckland

We are open for emergencies during level 3 lockdown and are able to treat dental emergencies if you are a low-risk Covid patient. Emergency treatments include toothache, infection, broken teeth, lost fillings or restorations.

For dental emergencies please call ‭Jo on ‭021 997 796‬

If you need an emergency dentist our Mt Roskill dental practice in Auckland reserves <strong>emergency appointments</strong> every day. Please <a href=””>call us right now</a> for urgent dental care, all patients are welcome.

Dentist Review

"Mike and his team are consummate professionals. Very skilled and knowledgeable and importantly for me they were calm and kind that eliminated any anxiety and meant my treatment was completely stress free. Special praise in the way they were so accommodating with me to find times that worked with my busy schedule. I can't thank them enough."


Emergency Dentist Appointments

Covid 19 Emergency Dental Treatment

If require emergency dental care during level 3 lockdown we will be able to treat you if you are a low-risk Covid patient.

Emergency Covid treatments include:

  • toothache,
  • infection,
  • broken teeth,
  • lost fillings,
  • restorations

For dental emergencies and toothache during Covid lockdown please call ‭Jo on ‭021 997 796‬


If you are looking for an emergency dentist we will never turn a patient away and we reserve appointments every day for urgent dental care. We are located at 377 Mt Albert Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland and the dental practice is open from Monday to Friday and every second Saturday. Please see our practice hours and call us right now for urgent dental care.

Emergency Dentist Services

We provide a range of emergency services that cover general, surgical and cosmetic dental emergencies.

  • abscesses
  • accidents
  • broken bridges, crowns, implants or veneers
  • broken or chipped teeth
  • denture repairs
  • extractions
  • teeth knocked out
  • toothache

Short Term Toothache Management

In the meantime, the best over-the-counter toothache painkillers to take at home are anti-inflammatory analgesics such as ibuprofen. These will help manage the pain and swelling. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients then paracetamol is the next best thing to reduce tooth pain.


Free Emergency Treatment for Teenagers

We are contracted to provide a range of free preventive, restorative and specialist dental treatments to adolescents from year 9 until their 18th birthday. Regardless of whether adolescents are at school, in paid employment or not, they are still entitled to free dental services. The Auckland Dental Service provides more information about free adolescent dental care.

Adolescents Dentistry Benefits

Emergency Dental Costs

Standard dentistry rates apply for our emergency dentistry consultations. Our practice is registered with Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) for any accidental injuries and we are WINZ approved for low-income adult patients who are unable to afford dentistry, particularly for emergencies and urgent dental work. We are also Q-card merchants who offer interest-free loans. We are here to help you get the necessary dentistry to improve your smile and maintain your teeth for life.

Low-income Adults

Discretionary financial assistance with dental treatments, especially when urgent.

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Accident Compensation

Financial compensation for citizens, residents and visitors who have suffered accidental dental injuries.

ACC logo

Interest-free loans

Thompson Dental is a registered Q Card merchant, offering a range of interest-free deals.

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Convenient Dental Care

Emergency Dentist

Our Mt Roskill dental clinic reserves emergency dentist appointments every day for urgent dental care. We will never turn you away and every patient is welcome. If you have an emergency you can book an appointment right now by contacting us.

Saturday Dentist

Dr Amanda Hawkins is open for Saturday dental appointments every second weekend. Book online or contact us.

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