Dental Finance

Our oral health directly impacts our overall health and emotional wellbeing and, unfortunately, dental health is sometimes compromised due to a lack of dental finance. Our practice is registered with various financial support services in our drive to help you keep your teeth for life.

Financial Support for Dentistry

WINZ assists low-income patients who struggle to afford basic dental care, esp when there is an emergency. ACC contributes towards dental costs for patients who have suffered from accidental injuries such as teeth that have been broken or knocked out. In addition, interest-free loans through Q-Card can help you afford more complex dental procedures or dental restorations to improve your oral functions, such as speaking and chewing or improve your smile’s aesthetics.

We will gladly assist any patient to get the support they need.

Low-income Adults

Discretionary financial assistance with dental treatments, especially when urgent.

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Accident Compensation

Financial compensation for citizens, residents and visitors who have suffered accidental dental injuries.

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Interest-free loans

Thompson Dental is a registered Q Card merchant, offering a range of interest-free deals.

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